Half Cut

Half Cut;

following Grass Gate last week, the drying green side of the grass has been cut whilst rain and indecision on whether to let it grow wild raged on.

Half Cut;

the idiot that decided to feed the lawn before going on holiday regardless of weather forecasts and the fact that grass grows!

It will be full cut tomorrow, according to Mrs B and she knows these things ;-)

Holiday backblips were completed today (phewww) and for those interested especially Wee Maw, here's a linked list to them;

15/7 - We Made It!
16/7 - Trip Sponsored By KLM
17/7 - Banging Your Head Against A Wall
18/7 - The Solemn Procession of the Eucharist
19/7 - Ponza Peeking Through
20/7 - Hot, Hot, Hot!
21/7 - Getting In The Party Mood
22/7 - Isola di Ponza - 2017
23/7 - Pontine Cruise
24/7 - Viva St Antonio
25/7 - Fun In The Sun-Day
26/7 - Anzio - Bygone Days
27/7 - Respect for Nature
28/7 - Mercoledì Selvaggio
29/7 - All Good Things.....
30/7 - Touch Down!

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