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By walkingMarj

A hot sunny day on the beach

Today started slowly for me; Ann had to wake me at 0815 with a cup of tea. Then we had cooked breakfast which was a treat. I loved staying there.

I was back in Humshaugh in time to collect Mum and take her for her hair appointment in Hexham. I did a bit of shopping, filled up with petrol and visited the vets' to ask for a new prescription for Bowlby.

I managed to see some tennis this afternoon but had to leave home during the Conteh v Halep match. I heard during the evening that Jo had won. Well done that girl!

My trip was to Newcastle for a meal with a crowd from the Tynedale Photo Group. It was a chance to get together during the summer. I was in good time, so I went to the Quayside, just in front of the Law Courts, to see if anyone was on the artificial beach there. Most of the deck chairs were empty and I thought I would use two of them for my blip. Then I found a group of young women enjoying themselves.

"Aren't you cold?" I asked. "No, it's a lovely sunny day here" they joked. They were a bit unsure about being photographed, but were persuaded and I hope they look and see themselves here. Thanks girls.

The meal was good, if slow, but there was plenty of time for chat. My food was delicious.

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