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Meet Leo from Allendale

I'm not quite sure where to start today. It's been a day when chaos has been close to the surface most of the time!

This morning I tried to complete the prints for Tim's exhibition, but had to contact because 2 of our walkers have to withdraw from the holiday due to a family bereavement. Very sad.

Ann, owner of Molly the gorgeous collie, often has a rant. I need one today. are fine if you book and fly with them, but if you have any reason to make changes then their systems just don't cope. All I needed was to cancel 2 passengers and obtain written confirmation that they had paid, for insurance purposes. I spent over an hour on the phone or live chat. They kept saying they were sending out the paperwork but kept sending me emails to say they had changed my email address "as requested". Then they started addressing me as Mary Kerr - she is one of the party - and now they have her as the named contact.

That's enough rant. It's still not resolved. Two tried today and I'll be on again tomorrow. Sigh.

Allison came to borrow a camera for her work. We had a lovely chat and caught up on our news, but then I had to explain that was all the time I had. (No pressure you understand.)

I was not walking today, so took Mum to her Embroidery Class in Catton. I went on to Allendale and visited the gallery when Tim's exhibition will be in September. I wanted to look at the walls again and imagine the prints up there.

There were no flyers for Tim's exhibition to be found..........

Back to Catton to collect Mum. In the meantime, Murray was knocked out. I was keen to get going, but people wanted to chat and show me their beautiful work. There is some talent in that group. In the end, I bundled Mum out of the door and we were in Hexham before I realised I'd left my handbag (purse, mobile, camera) in Catton.

Don't panic, don't panic! (Deep breaths)

Back home we phoned my friends Ann and Al in Catton. Al leapt into his car and arrived at the village hall before the doors were closed. He retrieved my bag. In the meantime, I'd mentioned what happened to Mel via Messenger.  She was driving from Allendale to Hexham, so Ann stood at the roadside in Catton and passed my bag through the window of Mel's car. I met Mel at Sainsbury's.

Since I had also misplaced my debit card I spent more time looking for it. Finally it turned up in my camera bag from Saturday's outing.

Now all is calm again.

In Allendale I used the Lensbaby on the Sony, just to make sure I could use it. All the images made me feel seasick, except this one which was taken straight. Leo was very friendly and happy to be my blip today.

If you are still reading, thank you. I feel better!!!

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