Jacob's Ladder

Last day of my working week, and the last day at work before our holidays.  We left for the early train again.  The car park at the station seems to be getting emptier by the day, as people are presumably away on holiday.  I had a few things that I had to achieve today  and I always find the last day before holidays quite stressful.

I made myself go out for half an hour at lunchtime, as I had a lot of reading to do before a meeting this afternoon.  Even when I was back at my desk, I was looking for distractions from the job in hand, but eventually I buckled down and got on with it.  The meeting was about how the work would be progressed over the next fortnight   Everyone left with actions except me, which was quite a good feeling!

Just as I was almost done, I had an IT issue which was holding me up – luckily TT emailed me at the exact time to say he had been delayed, so we agreed to go for a later train.  I got my stuff done, and he got his stuff done.  It was good to get on the train, knowing I wouldn’t be back at work for a couple of weeks.

I should have been getting organised tonight, but that’s my job for tomorrow.

Today’s staircase (Jacob’s Ladder) is not as salubrious as yesterday’s.

Thanks for all your birthday wishes yesterday – they are much appreciated. You are all very kind. 

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