Shou - God of Longevity

For Mono Monday with the theme 'old' with thanks to TheAphid for hosting this month !

This is one of the oldest objects in our house, an intricately carved dark wooden statue of one of the traditional  Chinese 3 Star deities Fu, Lu and Shou , who stand for Luck, Prosperity and Longevity. This is Shou, to be recognised by his extraordinary tall forehead and bald head and the fact that he's always depicted as an older man. He stands for Longevity, which is obviously a revered thing  for the Chinese. I gave it a SilverEfex antique plate effect to make it look even more vintage. He belonged to my grandmother and has been in and out of Singapore several times , first with her, then with me and the family :-)

We've arrived safely back home in The Netherlands, meanwhile son no 1 in Singapore broke out in hives in such a way that it was best for him to go to A&E, so we had quite a scare and long Skype talks instead of slowly getting used to the new time and climate.

But I did have to tackle the Abstract Thursday entries too, so I'm keeping myself awake until it is done. This week I'm so sorry that there's no time for comments, I did give every entry a star however. Should your entry not have a star from me, please tell me, I'm definitely suffering from jetlag, which means the mind is not totally there at times ... Sorely needing my bed !

Here are my 5 picks of last week:
ChrisF   for a great looking collage of abstracts
ExtraTime  for a lovely abstract waterscape
Freuchie  for a headlamp abstract
AmandaT2013  for a rare view on Newton's cradle and
Carolinav  for a special yellow leaf abstract

Thanks so much for all your great entries, find them all here

This coming Thursday the optional theme will be 'time' , how best to express that in an abstract! The tag will be AT111 !

Thanks very much for your comments and stars for yesterday's dotty cafe Blip

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