Being a keen gardener, Mr. HCB always listens to the weather forecast and the weatherman was right about today - when Mr. HCB got up it was wet and wild.  I slept for much longer, but when I got up it was still wet and wild, so being a kind soul, Mr. HCB said he would take me out for coffee to Jack’s, where we often meet up with our friends.

When we got there, I don’t quite know how it happened, but I ended up paying for the coffee and cakes - he’s a clever man that Mr. HCB!

When Keiran brought our order to the table, I noticed there were no biscuits - and we love the biscuits, because they are made on the premises, and are delicious, so when I went to buy my second cup of coffee, I told Keiran that we were due three biscuits to make up for the ones we hadn’t had earlier - well, you know after yesterday’s Blip that there are no calories in cakes when it’s raining and it’s the same for home-made biscuits!

We all laughed when he arrived with my second cup of coffee, because it was surrounded by eight biscuits - so of course, I shared them with Mr. HCB and our friend Trevor.  

Trevor’s sister, Pam, had come in today, so I chatted with Pam while Mr. HCB and Trevor chatted.  I couldn’t resist taking this photograph of Trevor and Pam, just before she left - as I decided there would be precious few Blip opportunities during the rest of the day.  The significance of the Camper Van book is that I saw it in a charity shop and knowing that Trevor and his wife, Louise had just come back from their holiday, having travelled over Europe for a month in their VW Camper Van, I bought it for him.  He was delighted and especially when he saw one in the book exactly like theirs.

We also chatted with Margaret, another lady who goes into Jack’s every day, and who always says to Mr. HCB as she is leaving “Be Naughty!”  He doesn’t need much encouragement, I can tell you.

Just before we left, I had a lovely conversation with Pascale, the Manager of Jack’s, when, after watching him writing something on one of the café’s boards and remarking on his beautiful writing, we chatted about our love of calligraphy.  He showed me some photographs of his work and particularly some he had done for Immanuel Church.  I told him how, when I was a Registrar of Marriages at the Church, I always took extra care when writing the Certificate for the newly married couple, as I felt it was something that they would keep and look at from time to time.  As we parted company, he said “I don’t think this is the last conversation we shall have!”

So here is my Blip for a wet and wild Wednesday - a photograph of Trevor and his sister, Pam, and my cup of coffee surrounded by lovely shortbread biscuits.  Not such a bad morning after all!

A cup of coffee 
     shared with a friend
         is happiness tasted
               and time well spent.
Arabic proverb

P.S. If you think the outside colour of my collage is a little unusual, I tried to emulate the colour on the back of Jack's Loyalty Card!

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