An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Mad dogs...

Nope, no matter how hard Gail and Ele try to emulate a puppy, they will never be a cute as the little furry bundle about to enter our lives.  To be fair they did let me practice my training technique and I had them house trained and giving me a paw within the hour :-)

Lovely day.  Visited Alan & Gail with Ele and Kenny.  The guys played golf whilst Ele, Gail and I sat Gail's beautiful garden enjoying the sunshine, coffee and my homemade Empire Biscuits. 

The guys got back at 6.20pm with just enough time to get showered and changed before we all headed out to a local restaurant for dinner.   

None of the men had played very well so we were spared the hole by hole account of their round and could talk about important subjects instead such as Game of Thrones - best tv ever or pile of c*ap?

Having never seen a single episode I couldn't say, but since I've never been tempted to watch it, I suspect my view would fall into the latter category.

Headed home after dinner now sitting having a cup of tea and blipping.  Straight to bed after to read the next chapter of the puppy training manual so will have to wait till tomorrow to catch up with you all.

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