A Belated Happy Birthday

Because I perpetually Blip about a week after the event I invariably forget things and miss them out. Most of these things I don't know I've missed out - because obviously I've forgotten them! -  but some come back to me, or are big things which need recording!
August 2nd was Archie's first birthday!! When I wrote about our walk in the rain and the annoying woman in the pub who wouldn't let him in - on his birthday!!! - I completely forgot to mention that our gorgeous, fabulous bundle of fluff was one!!
The Little Misses came in first thing singing Happy Birthday to him and to give him the cards they'd made. It was so sweet!
As ever I'm fascinated/mortified by how they represent our family in their drawings! Miss E's card is the three pictures on the left. Why the bloody hell am I always laying down in her pictures?!!!!! When I asked her she said I was lying in a field playing with Archie!!!
But at least she knows the difference between you're and your. Woohoo!!!!
The other big thing that has happened over the last week or so is that I've got a job!!!! A proper, National Insurance number requiring, paid, proper job!!!
Mrs H from Sing and Sign emailed me a couple of weeks ago to see was I still interested in becoming a Sing and Sign teacher probably on a casual contract taking taster sessions and covering the odd sick day here and there. I said definitely!
Since then one of her teachers has decided to stop teaching so I am taking over from her. Teaching one day a week definitely and, numbers permitting, two.
We've been emailing back and forth and I'm trying to be organised with it all signing contracts, filling out forms, organising Police checks, reading staff manuals and policies.......
And of course learning all the songs and signs and lesson plans!
I took the Little Misses to Bicester first thing to drop them off for a day with my mum and dad. The incessant rain scuppered their dog walking plans but they took their money from Grandad and their raincoats so they could venture out to the Pound Shop at least.
Mrs H came round at Noon to drop off the - surprisingly vast - kit I need: the biggest holdall I've ever seen full of props, the felt board and the sticky pictures to go on it, Jessie Cat and her box, cups for teas and coffees, instruments, toys for playtime after class, mats for the floor, health and safety notices..... I'll need to build up some muscles for lugging it all around!!
We went through the mechanics and logistics of actual classes which was terrifying - it's all a bit real now and much, much more than just singing a few songs, signing a few signs and clapping a bit!!!
I have CDs full of songs to learn, training DVDs to watch and all the props and equipment I need. 
Now I just need to practice, practice, practice and practice.
And then practice a bit more.
And hope it all sinks in!!
Once Mrs H had gone I had a luxurious hour or so in my own. Not practicing!!!
I drank tea, watched a bit of rubbish TV and enjoyed the solitude!
At 5pm I headed to Bicester to pick up the Little Misses and head to Fat Club.
They'd had a lovely day with Nana and Papa. Pound Shop treasure included plasticine, scrapbook, headphones and padlocks. Miss E also bought herself a blue glass dolphin ornament from the charity shop which she loves. It matches her other glass dolphin ornament she bought in Arromanches in June.
She'll need a gold revolving display cabinet soon!!!
Stayed the same at Fat Club which I was pleased with after a pretty indulgent weekend away.

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