Shipping Forecast

I didn’t wake up until late this morning.  I had been aware of TT leaving for work, but had no idea what time he left.  It was all quiet, and I assumed that BB must still be asleep – but his bed was empty and he was already downstairs.  We had a pyjama morning – which we were both in need of.  I pottered and did some chores.  I kept meaning to get eh hoover out, but that seemed too much like hard work.

We decided to go out for lunch, as the cupboards are bare.  BB’s venue of choice was packed with no tables, so we had to go elsewhere.  He was delighted with his pizza and chips though!  We had a few errands to do in town and he finally finished the summer reading challenge, though he has read far more than the six books which are required.  He was happy to get a medal.

We then drove to Dunbar to walk off our lunch.  The sun was out and it was really lovely.  It was so calm and peaceful by the sea – BB wanted to jump in, but resisted.  We did our usual walk along the cliffs, to the harbour, to the play park, through the town, through the park – and another play park, and then back home via the supermarket.

I have now managed to back blip our Arran weekend, but still need to get on with our Dorset holiday blips.  Hopefully I will have time this weekend.

Here is BB at the revamped Dunbar Battery.  He is sitting on Portland – because we visited it on holiday (blips still to follow!).

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