Yarn Bunting

I could hear the rain when I woke up this morning, so I turned over and went back to sleep.  I had planned to go out for a run and TT had planned some serious garden tidying.

The rain became drizzle so I did go out for a run.  TT also went into the garden and then set off to buy a new hedge trimmer.  Late morning I needed to go into town for a  couple of bits and pieces.  BB said he would come if he could scoot – but he couldn’t find his scooter.  He had it yesterday and we back tracked at where we went, and he decided he must have left it at the supermarket – outside, not chained up.  We hot footed it down the road, he was very anxious and I was less than hopeful.  When we were getting near his stress levels were getting very high so he ran on ahead to see if it was still there.  He was so lucky.  It was exactly where he left it.  Big smile and huge relief!  He knows how lucky he was to get it back, and I am sure he has learned a lesson from that.

We ended up going for lunch at the café he had originally wanted to go to yesterday.  It was really quiet and we got a table no bother.

When we got home TT was about to try out his new toy.  I left the boys to the hedge trimming and grass cutting and headed off to meet a friend.  We had a lovely afternoon catching up.  I then came home to find TT coking, but he immediately sent me back out for milk! 

A local community arts group did some yearn bombing to complement the work of the local community gardening group.  Here’s a sample.

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