Classically Swedish

A few days ago we went foraging for chanterelles in the forest. A typical Swedish pastime. We were unsuccessful because of the dry summer that this part of Sweden has had. Today, however, we saw LOTS of chanterelles - in the supermarket! They were apparently from Sweden, so there must have been a damp season in another part of the country! We also saw lots of lingonberries - another classic Swedish ingredient.

Today was grey and wet most of the day. What a change from yesterday! We didn't mind too much as we had a shopping day planned. I shall be leaving soon to start my journey back to England and I wanted to get a few things before I leave. So we hit a few major stores and ticked things off my list. Speaking of classic Swedish food, we had lunch at a 'classic' Swedish restaurant (!!). See extra photo.

Read Alice's blip here. She also had a food-themed blip!

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