…..that two mobile phones could cause such mayhem?

I knew that it was going to be a late night last night when (a) I had slept so long in the morning and (b) I decided to wipe my external hard drive and do a complete back up of my Macbook.  It took almost 8 hours and I didn’t want to go to bed until it had finished - so starting it at 5 p.m. - you do the maths!

I had forgotten to switch my mobile to “silent” so did that as I got into bed just after 1.30 a.m. I must say that I often look at Facebook if it’s after midnight to see if our son in Vietnam is about and sometimes have a FB chat with him.  You may think that’s strange, but you would probably do the same if you had a child son who lived over 6,000 miles away, especially if you hadn’t seen him for over 6 years! 

Our neighbour, Lynn, had shared a video saying it was 17 weeks until Christmas, which played “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” and as I looked at my phone, this played and woke Mr. HCB, who wanted to know what I was doing, so one grumpy Mr. HCB!  Mind you, I don’t blame him - I think hearing that in the middle of the night would make anyone grumpy!

I had settled down quite nicely when at 2.29, according to our digital clock/radio, I could hear a “pinging” sound that woke me up, and kept going every few minutes.  I eventually decided just before 3 a.m. that it was Mr. HCB’s phone telling him that it needed charging, so I took it into the bathroom to see if I could switch it off.  I tried everything, but it is quite old, as you will see, and I didn’t have the faintest idea how to do this.

I left it on the side of the bath and went back into bed, only to be woken at 5.57 by Mr. HCB muttering as he wandered into the bathroom and then when he got back into bed, he started snoring. ARGHHHHHHH

Perhaps the moral of this story is that we should both leave our mobile phones downstairs charging.  

All in all, quite a disturbed night and now it is hammering down with rain, so Mr. HCB has offered to take me out for coffee - I could stay in and do some housework, but don’t feel like it, so off we go to Jack’s.

“Distracted from
          by distraction.”
T.S. Eliot (Number 4 of Four Quartets)

P.S.  In case you're wondering, the time on my phone is the right time - Mr. HCB doesn't know how to change it on his!!

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