Blipping on the bus is hit and miss. For an unknown reason I now use up all the data on my phone, way before the end of the month, so cant really do very much. If the Norfolk park and ride WiFi works, then I can at least do my blip.

This morning I saw the physio again. He moved my neck a bit and got me to do some specific exercises. Neck and shoulders still tense, but I think basically I need to relax plus improve my posture. Easier said than done but I will try.

Got to work late, but have decided I must still leave every day by 5, that way I'm home by 6. Mollie is out tonight seeing as many of her lovely Cromer friends as she can, before she goes away. I met her in the car park in Cromer as I had something of hers in my bag, then I went to morrisons to buy some weightwatchers' dinners. I took some great photos at the weekend, but hated all those with me in. I have to lose over a stone. Those photos were the push I needed.

So once home, I went for a mini walk/run. Down to the allotment. There I took this photo of the only successful plants this year. We are still picking beans. I ran/walked back home and cooked tea.

Now we are watching GBBO and thinking how hard it is to diet....but I must stick to it. At least the runner beans help!

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