An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Bundle of Energy...



Lola went to be without any problem.  Barked for less than a minute.  Result.  She then slept till almost 7am.  

As the morning wore on I realised that Alan's cold was steadily taking hold of me too.  Great timing.

Natalie arrived for lunch as I was glad I had made the effort to make all the food for today yesterday, as there is no way I would have had the energy today.

After lunch Ele and Natalie spent ages in the garden with Lola.  Natalie took this shot.  There was much hilarity and running about.  After a while I sticky head out to see what they were up to and was surprised to see Lola bacon the lead.  Turns out our garden is not as secure as we thought!  The garden is completely enclosed by stone wall and fence.  Unfortunately between out house and our neighbour Isobel's house there's a section of wall that is slightly lower than the rest and the fence is sent slightly apart from it and the gap between them is big enough for Lola to get through.  She's still a bit small but in a couple of weeks she'll be able to go under the fence and over the wall!  A wee escape route that will have to be closed.

Gail and Annette arrived just before 6pm.  Lola was very excited to see them.  Again I was thankful I'd made the chilli yesterday as the effects of the cold were really beginning to take hold.  

We had a lovely dinner (thankfully Lola fell asleep) and Annette and Natalie left around 10.30pm.  Gail stayed over.  Ele and I couldn't help but laugh as Gail had brought some face packs with her thinking we could do a bit with a bit of pampering.  Clearly she's not experienced life with a puppy!  :-))

At bedtime Lola went into her crate with no problem and there was no barking or whining.  Fab!  :D 

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