Kirkleatham Museum 2

Our second visit - the last was in October 2012 and this sculptural fountain was working.  (It was all looking a bit sad and neglected today.) Although we saw a glimpse of sun and blue sky first thing in the morning, the weather deteriorated badly and for most of the day the rain has teemed down.  Ann wanted to revisit the Saxon Princess exhibition and I was keen to see their presentation about Gertrude Bell - one of those amazing Victorian women travellers who's personal wealth and sense of adventure took her to places that few others ever experienced.  (I'm not sure that she had much of a sense of what ordinary women in this country experienced however as she opposed giving the vote to women.)

We ate lunch in the cafe (huge portions, freshly cooked and more than we could eat!). Then returned via Guisborough to stock up and we found a new M&S food store.  They seem to be setting these up in out of time retail parks - we have a new one near us. 

p.s. in 2012 we also walked the footpath that took us to Street House and the site of the Saxon Princess excavation.  I'm not sure we'll do that this time but we were told that the archaeologists are working on the site again.

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