Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Up In Smoke!

It's hard to think that I've got to my 1460th blip (or 4 year mark) as it doesn't seem that long since I started - you could say it's disappeared in a puff of smoke!  ..... hence me smoking a cuban Romeo & Juliet cigar, and having a whisky, to celebrate. Please don't tell Mrs BB I was smoking in the house or you'll be one blipper down!

I like to think my photography has improved over the course of four years blipping. That's no doubt due to the habit of forcing myself to take a photo every day and often going out in in search of a blip when the weather has been poor (it often is in Wales) rather than take one of something in the house. It's also improved by looking at the amazingly diverse photo's taken every day on Blipfoto, getting ideas, and being inspired to keep up the quest.

The best of all is that Blipfoto is now community owned by like minded folk who are ever so kind. I've been luckily enough to meet a few fellow blippers in the UK. The blip meet arranged earlier this year for Mrs BB and I  in the Blue Mountains, Australia, by Hobbs & Co, was amazing.....and astonishing they have done it so many times for others! It really brings it home to you how close and caring the Blipfoto community is.

I run the Wide Angle Wednesday Challenge for photo's taken on the Wednesday (tag  widwedDDMMYY) and I'd like to say a "thank you" for all who contribute weekly....and apologise I can't choose you all but I do try and list 9 or 10 weekly. I've learned a lot hosting that too.

Lastly, a big thank you to all who regularly visit my page, comment, leave stars and hearts. It's good to know that someone else likes the photo's I take!  

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