"In A Galaxy Far, Far Away..."

Dear Diary,

Actually, it is in a seed bowl not that far away at all but the frozen water in Rosie's bowl reminded me of space photographs!  It has been getting progressively colder around here and today it will only be in the mid-30's F for a high.  Tonight, it will dip to about 10F.  Brrr...too early to start that nonsense!  Things will modify a bit over the weekends but I did see a chance of the dreaded "wintery mix" late next week!

I bit the bullet yesterday and went out and got an iPad of my own to take to the hospital next week.  I have been saying I needed something lighter for traveling for a long time.  I will see how good the camera is.  The young man who set it up for me was very nice and I think I have the basic concepts.  I will have plenty of time to play with it when I'm lying in bed recovering from the surgery.

Matt will be here this morning for a few chores and then I am off to Portland for pre-surgery blood tests.  My friend Marnie, who binds my photo journals for me, picked up two of the family scrapbooks yesterday to make hard covers for them and she volunteered to drive me into the hospital Wednesday morning.  She must be a saint, we have to leave at 4:45am!!!  Perhaps, the little "angel" I saw yesterday sent her!

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