Love in a Mist for Flower Friday :)

The satellite man was here before I had my breakfast and I have TV again :)

Rest of the day was made up of job applications and late afternoon shopping...

When I got home I was looking at your journals and the phone (not my mobile) rang.  It was the Doctors surgery telling me I had to increase the dose of my thyroxine.  I haven't had to do that since the 1990's so its a bit strange, but anyway its come up in my blood test results (not that they were testing for thyroxine levels).  Luckily because my leg is still very sore I've got an appointment to see a Dr on Tuesday and I'll discuss it then.

Very thankful its the weekend and I don't have any particular plans.  I might just start some clearing out in the bedroom in the morning :)

Happy Friday folks :)

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