Scissors, Needle and Thread

What a miserable, wet and dark day.  I had a doctor’s appointment first thing and by the time I got there I was quite damp.  Next stop was the chemist with my prescription, but they had to order it in, so I felt empty handed for the bus to work.

I got in late, but just in time for our Monday morning briefing session. The first thing my boss highlighted was an issue  that sits with me, and which needed to be dealt with immediately.  From that point on, I didn’t stop all day to pause for breath.  I did have a team meeting, and it was good to get away from my desk, but while I was away another couple of urgent things appeared and had to be dealt with.  It’s going to be a busy few weeks I think.

I didn’t leave the office until after 6.30pm tonight.  It was dark, but at least it was dry.  I just made my bus and it was good to just sit and think of nothing for a  little while, before I started reading a report, so I am ready for tomorrow.

When I got home, BB was full of beans.  TT wasn’t, as he is really suffering with his bad back again.

I took this while I wandered in the rain, killing time before my bus arrived this morning – the sign for a  local shop. Another haberdashery blip!


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