Pease pudding

And I love an excuse to feature my dear old cooks cabinet in a blip. But basically I didn’t have a proper blip photo for today, and when I saw Ninjashoe’s comment on my blip from yesterday, I thought I’d bring my can of pease pudding to the foreground to photograph. We always have it hot with gammon, so I’m never without a can in my cooks cabinet (equal to a normal person’s kitchen cupboard!) it is made from yellow split peas and some mild spices, although I don’t taste spice.

Today I’ve been plagued with a dull tense headache all day. Annoying because I have so much work to do. I know. I’m like a stuck record. Jon drove to Poole for work today. Yes, that Poole, the one in Dorset. Too far to go and come back in a day if you ask me. Thankfully he had a work colleague with him so that they could share the driving. He left here at 5.30am and isn’t home yet. He will be here about 9 I think. I got home at 6.30. Henry has been a star. Cooked dinner and washed up. Anything to avoid revising!!

Now I’m going to tackle the Christmas cards again. It has to be done...

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