Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco

A moment of quiet repose...

Or so it seemed.  I'm afraid I don't always appreciate Mourning Doves as much as I should.  They are actually quite beautiful with their soft hues.  But they are also piggies at the feeders and often plop themselves in the middle of a tray feeder refusing to let any of the smaller birds eat.  Add to that the fact that they sometimes travel in groups of a dozen or more...well, you can see where I might not always appreciate them as I should.  But this one was just sitting quietly in the cherry tree, fluffed up a bit against the chill and seemingly perfectly happy.

Happy to have a cooperative bird to blip, because otherwise I was going to have to scramble for something.  Definitely missing some mojo at the moment. 

Hubs and I took a nice walk through the woods this afternoon after lunch.  Coats were needed as it was brisk, but felt good being out and we put a couple of miles on.  

Finally broke down and ordered a new iPhone.  I have a fairly old 5C and have been having issues with it.  I was hoping that the SE would go on sale and sure enough, there was a Cyber Monday deal that worked out perfectly.  The new phone will be delivered tomorrow so I'm sure there will be some colorful language as I transfer everything over to it from the old phone. I toyed with getting an iPhone 7, but I really like the smaller size of the SE - fits into a pocket much more handily than the larger models.  

Happy Monday...


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