Taking A Bath

The boys headed off to football and I went for another run.  I was going to do about 3.5 miles, but ended up doing an extra mile as I didn’t feel warmed up till I was two miles in. Once the boys were back, we got organised to head off to Newcastle to visit TT’s sister and family.   BB was very worried that we might not go because of TT’s bad back.

Later in the afternoon Aunty E had something to do, so Uncle J took us into the centre of Newcastle where we queued to look in Fenwick’s windows, before wandering round the Christmas market.  BB’s cousin H came to meet us.  We headed home for a quick drink, before heading to Tynemouth for a  lovely Italian meal.  We had an interesting encounter as we were getting ready to leave, where we asked for the pizza that they had boxed up for us.  The poor waiter thought it had been thrown away, so offered to get us  a pizza made, but the manager arrived on the scene with the box just in time!

We got the metro home and all promptly fell asleep while we attempted to catch up with Strictly!

Paddington is the star of Fenwick’s windows. He’s everywhere this year.  The extra is a nearby light display.

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