I took a few shots of the Supermoon ( apparently its called a  Cold Moon ) before I went to bed at 2am.  None of them were any good so I binned them.  When I got up at 6.30am the moon was shining brightly at the back of the house and I decided to have another go.  So I went out into the garden ( in my jim jams)  and took more shots using 3 different cameras.  In the end I was happy-ish with a few of the images.  I wanted to post a moon shot as my blip today and then wondered if I could incorporate it into the Mono Monday challenge.  The challenge for December is to  " celebrate the the big screen " and todays theme is - Science Fiction / Fantasy.

So I took a photo of a poster I found online for the 1958 American science fiction film " From The Earth To The Moon" which was based on the Jules Verne novel.  The I combined the poster photo with my own photo of the moon. Thanks to si_b for hosting the challenge.

After taking my photos of the moon I went back to bed.  Woke up again around 11.30am and checked my e mails.  I had one from Newcastle Airport informing me that I had won the competition that they had on their Facebook page last week.  Because the airport had recently welcomed their 5 millionth passenger they wanted to celebrate by giving away a prize.  To enter you had to post a photograph of your favourite 2017 holiday memory when you flew from Newcastle Airport.  So I posted a photo of the Boston Red Sox baseball game I went to in September.  And I was the winner.  The prize is an
iPad Air plus an exclusive Behind the Scenes Tour of the airport. WOW.  Aren't I lucky.

After that exitement it was the usual Monday fior me.  Fitness Class and Slimming World.  I'm pleased to report that I lost 1½ pounds this week and am back in my target range.  Only just though so I need to get a few more pounds off before Christmas. I will NOT be following the slimming plan over Christmas so I need to " be good " beforehand.

Steps today - 14,199 

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