Radio City

Up town for a bit of viewing random things, like Saks Christmas windows, and sitting in awhile at St Patrick’s. Then a session round the MOMA - so much to see (too much) but some stuff I really liked - Stephen Shore particularly. But time marches on, and the SK was very keen to visit some restaurant at the Boathouse in Central Park. We got there - to find it closing for a private function, so had to make do with their cafe which was a bit shit, but quite enjoyable in its own way.
Back to midtown for a Christmas spectacular! No, no, not Bruce this time either. Radio City and some iconic show they’ve been doing since 1930-something. And very impressive and weirdly entertaining it was too.
Back and instead of heading out, we headed to the downstairs restaurant. Cool! Posh! Loud! And that’s just me...

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