At 7.30am this morning Miss L announced that she needed to make a poster about a famous Italian. Due today.
To be fair to her it was written in her homework diary but I never look at that missed it.
She said she wanted to talk about an Italian artist (as there's lots of those apparently!) and when I showed her a picture of the Mona Lisa she said she'd "done that" in art so yes she definitely wanted to make her poster about Leonardo da Vinci.
She found lots of facts on Google - he was a vegetarian apparently, and his parents weren't married - daddy was a rich lawyer and Mummy was a peasant girl!! He had a beard down to his chest and liked to wear brightly coloured clothes.
I printed out a few pictures - and managed to find one of Vitruvian Man without his "dangly bits" as Miss L calls them. I wasn't sure where the school stands on Mummies sending in pictures of perfectly proportioned, anatomically correct naked men!!!
She wrote her facts and stuck it all down. With seconds to spare.
After dropping them off I came home and did some wrapping. I didn't get it all done but it's a start!!

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