Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Off to London

As today was so beautifully sunny, and probably the best day of the week, I recommended that today was a good day for my niece Bianca and her husband Kevin to go explore London. I walked them to the station, to show them where to go, and then they were off to London for the day. They had a great day visiting St Pauls and going up into the gallery, then on to Camden to enjoy the markets, before some shopping in Oxford Street. 

Meanwhile, I was at home frustrated with my computer, as for some reason when I switched it on I had lost every desktop icon, and so could not find my way around. I have managed to bring back some of them, but some things, like the recycle bin, have just disappeared - this is a desktop PC with windows 10. I have tried everything but I cannot get them back.

I have been trying to plan my menus for the week and then also for the main meal of the week, for Christmas - having so many people in the house means proper planning is required to make sure I have enough food for every meal. Today I made the boys go grocery shopping, and as expected they came back with many incorrect items.'s just easier if I do it myself. Two very bright boys who excel at their studies but they cannot follow a simple shopping list....another one of life's mysteries I suppose!

I think by the end of the week we will be ordering curry take aways and rather going out to eat!

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