Haunted House

No run this morning.  My legs needed a rest and we had to get ourselves organised for our trip to Yorkshire.  We left later than planned, and stopped in Alnwick for lunch.  We went to TT’s favourite Alnwick café, but it was full so they suggested we return in twenty minutes.  We went for a wander and returned to be given a table.   TT ordered what he always orders, and thoroughly enjoyed it, and BB finished off with a huge hot chocolate with all the trimmings.  We then went in search of painkillers for TT’s bad back, before continuing our journey to Grandma and Grandad’s. it was lovely to see them as we haven’t been to visit for a while, and poor Grandad has not been keeping too well lately. After distributing Christmas presents TT and I went for a  walk in the dark, as he needed to stretch off his legs and bad back.

We came home to a lovely tea, where I think we all ate far too much.  We then played a game that Grandma had bought for BB.  It was a bit like pass the parcel with forfeits and prizes.  BB thoroughly enjoyed wrapping me up like a mummy with toilet paper.

When we were out for our walk, we walked past this old derelict looking house, which I have never noticed it before.  This blip is more Halloween, than festive season!


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