A Day Worth Recording

By Cheeseminer


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First full day in Lucerne and we decided to do the 'golden round trip'.  This involves a gentle boat trip around the lake to Alpnachstad, up the mountain railway there (the worlds steepest at over 45 degrees) to the top of mount Pliatus then down by cable car the other side and back by bus to Lucerne.

The sun shone for us today.  The boat and railway trip were spectacular.  At the top of the mountain there was the usual tourist cheese and jaw-droppingly expensive souvenirs but we could ignore all that and walk out along an increasingly rough path to the highest point (Tomlishorn) half an hour away.

This was excellent, with wonderful views - to one side only.  The other side was thick fog/cloud.  The sharpness of the boundary between the two just just amazing: at the ridge the fog just vanished completely.

When we got back to the tourist bit it was still foggy on the 'down' side which I wasn't too bothered about as cable cars and my vertigo are not great friends.  

We were just about to head down when the fog cleared.  Just like that.

So we deferred the descent and walked a circuit around the now clear side.  The photo is from that side, looking northish away from the alps, not that the  hills are particularly small; only so by comparison.

The precariously positioned Chapel on Kilmsenhorn dates from around 1850.  I can see why you'd be moved to put a place of worship up here, but I suspect the congregations are on the small side.

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