Back in November last year, I took part in a 2 day photography workshop at The National Portrait Gallery in London.  It was lead by one of the Taylor-Wessing prize winners who had some interesting ideas and techniques.  On the second day we each had time to prepare for and then photograph a model, partnered with another participant - we each acted as assistant for the other when we weren't shooting.  It was hard work and fun.

I had recently come across a technique - Pep Ventosa -  putting together lots of shots of the same object from different angles and I thought it would be interesting to see how it worked with a person.  So the lovely Lidia moved her head from one side to the other in small movements.  I put something together very roughly on the day but today spent a bit more time on getting a better composition.

Lidia was a great model and interested in what I was attempting - she has just contacted me to see some of what I achieved - it is not the usual sort of model image and I doubt it would score well in any competition. I learned a great deal about layer sequencing and blend modes in the processing. Well worthwhile.

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