Wednesday - Leaving Berlin - Collapsed ceiling

We were reasonably early as loads needs done on the day we leave.
Packing, basic cleaning, putting stuff through the washing machine, putting our own/private stuff away  (if someone else is using the flat in our absence) etc.
We are better now and always start packing the night before, so the leaving day is a bit more relaxed.
We were pretty much done by 12 pm and went for a late breakfast at the French with neighbour Werner. I really like Werner, he is so interesting and knowledgeable in a lot of fields. A lot of fields my scientist Neil does not fully approve though :). We enjoyed good coffee and the last galette for a while. after 2 hours we parted and ran the last errands.
Katja and her two girls are arriving on tomorrow and we filled the fridge a bit with essentials.
The rest will be done by Andi once we have gone.
At 4 pm were on the way to the airport. The storm in Amsterdam delayed a lot of flights and we had plenty of time in the lounge before boarding.
In Amsterdam the layover was a bit tight. We landed at boarding time of our flight to Glasgow, which was not delayed. We managed to get to the gate before closing, but it was a long and tough walk. As usual the gate are not close to each other and there is also a passport control in between.
We expected that our cases would not make it - and we were right. 
No big drama when coming home. And it saved Neil carry up to really heavy cases (23 kgs each).
Once home we inspected the water damage in the studio!
Dougie was tending the flat during our absence and we got already the bad news a couple of days ago! 
During the torrential rain in Glasgow, the ceiling of the bay window had collapsed and come down. Ceiling, plaster and the cornicing! And rain just poured in during the wet days!
Dougie had already cleared the rubbish and took it away. He also made sure that no water will go though to our downstairs neighbours, with bin liners, plenty of buckets and towels. We were so lucky to have him!!
However, seeing the reality was bad! (see extra -rubbish phone picture) 
About 2.5 m2 of the ceiling have come down, just under the bay window, that has a flat roof. 
The wooden floor is affected too.
Luckily it had stopped raining and Dougie checked in every day to empty the buckets. I do not even want to think what had happened if he had not been there!
We cleaned a bit more up and dried the floor boards as much as possible. 
Needless to say we are not happy.
We know that the roof had been accessed just before Christmas for gutter cleaning. Last time the factors got the gutters cleaned we had to replace 17 tiles! This time we have a clooapsed ceiling.
Neil did write to the factors when we saw water coming in on the 25th, but no reply. Neil phoned them again yesterday and they will be sending someone tomorrow morning.
I really hope it will not be raining more over night.

The blip is taken at Tegel airport. Not a great photo of this retired S-Bahn carriage which no sells "Currywurst" between the terminals. But all I got today.

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