Contemplating a Lady Bug

Dear Diary,

It is an indoor day for me today with the snow falling.  We already have a couple of inches and several more inches are expected during the day.  But so far it is a gentle fall with no wind.  It gives me time to ponder Lily's world. 

Every fall a few Lily's find their way into the house to winter over.  You can never tell where you will find them.  This morning she was exploring my water glass on the kitchen counter.  Lady bugs live off their body fat during the winter but they do need moisture which is probably why Lily is climbing the glass, to get the water droplet.

Lady bugs do not damage anything in a house and are very valuable in the garden in the summer eating aphids and other bugs that attack plants so I don't mind hosting a few for the winter.  My house keeper is of like mind and carefully avoids sucking any up in the vacuum.  They really are the best house guests.  They are very quiet, don't eat anything and are very entertaining.  What more could you ask for?

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