Fully Open

Tulip :)

Watching paint dry today....  When I got to work this morning, my login told me 'your login has expired'...  So then I waited a couple of hours to find out whether or not I still had a job!  I still have a job, but not yet a login...hence 'watching paint dry' and just taking phone messages (of which there were 7 calls this morning and 5 this afternoon)...

Anyway, I have got some exciting news (and no its nothing to do with the washing machine because they haven't bothered to contact me yet!)  Tomorrow I will be complaining long and loud in writing I think...

So the exciting news was that a Manager I used to work for (remember Here and Here?)  called me this morning whilst I was at work quite out of the blue.  We spoke again at lunchtime, and more lengthily this evening....  I can't say anymore for the moment, safe to say I am feeling quite bouyant although not 100% secure just now :)

Very tired as by the time I had 'watched paint dry' (and made loads of lists), shopped for the week and had that hour long call, then cooked a quick dinner...its now ten past 9 and I'm just uploading my blip!!

Apologies for lack of commenting once again...

I am really dreading another day like today tomorrow!

Happy Thursday folks :)

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