Look At Those Teeth!

I had a great visit with my friend Vanessa (see yesterday’s blip) who had stayed with me at the end of a few days of travelling for work. We had a lazy morning and I cooked a late breakfast and then she got ready to leave for home at about lunchtime. I was blocking her in on my drive and wouldn’t you know it - I couldn’t get my car started!! I’ve been having problems with it recently but my garage couldn’t find an issue with it when I last took it to them.

We were just discussing having Vanessa drive over my lawn when I tried one more time and finally got it going! Phew! I decided to drive around a bit which meant an obvious visit to the egg farm where I needed to go anyway. I kept the car idling while I quickly got my eggs and took a few snaps so I would have a blip for today! This is one of the two rare breed pigs they keep. They’re often fast asleep when I visit but I think I came right after feeding time because they were both busy munching on something! They also have ducks and 2 baby goats and a whole herd of reindeer. And chickens of course. Always a great place for a blip!

Anyway, my next stop was to my garage. I arranged to leave it so that they could try to start it in the morning when it was cold to see if they would now be convinced that I really AM having problems. I walked home. It was a cold but sunny day. I wish I’d had my wellies on as the garage is right by the lake and I would have loved to walk there as well.

Believe it or not, I went BACK to the art exhibit for the third time tonight (see last two days blips). I had already arranged to take my lodger who goes to evening art classes, so I knew he’d enjoy it which he did. It held my interest again because I heard the artist, Paul Hobbs, give 3 more talks on 3 more pieces of his art. The most interesting was the ‘Three In One Triptych’.

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