Glass on a Ledge

Summoned to the daughter’s to await delivery of some old sideboard from the furniture initiative. She’s sussed that modern stuff is either really expensive or cheap shit which she doesn’t want. Classy girl. Onward to do a Waitrose shop - but horrorshow, only one coffee machine is working and the queue of penny pinching well heeled Edinburghers is out the door. Unacceptable!
Then a bit of a mid-afternoon meet up with a select group of drouths in the old Carter’s, now Monty’s. Creamy headed foaming swats! Reaming, they were. And indeed they drank divinely. 
Back promptly as visitor F had arrived for an evening of chat, eating, PS4 and a very excellent Graham Norton. I may yet get the SK to see that American comedy series like Will & Grace, far from being inferior to British guff, are actually way way better. IMHO, obvs. I mean - Phil Silvers v The Army Game? No contest. Vicar of Dibley? Mrs Browns Boys? Boak Boak Boak.

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