Gitama's World

By Gitama

In the Paper Bark Forest

I got up very early this morning.......I am learning to work with the heat.
I prepared dinner and did most of the oven cooking so that we didn’t have to put the cooker on in the heat.

I took the back roads over the mountains up to Ma and Pa’ was still very early with the time difference so I took Beetle for a run in the lovely dog park before getting the folk out of bed.

Off to the side in the park is a gorgeous stand of Paper Bark trees. I reminds me of my Koori Elder friend Jenny who told me that paper bark is sacred to the women of her tribe and told me to put some down my bra....which I did. Needless to say that it was rather sticky and ruined my bra....but boy did her and I have some fun at the festival we were attending...what mischief we got up was a match made in crazy heaven.

I might have to look her up its been a long time since we got together and had a good laugh and practice irreverence.

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