Witch Hazel

It was a grey morning, but mild.  The boys went off to BB’s football, and I went out for a  run. It didn’t start well as I got a stitch and I struggled for the first few miles. In the end I was pleased to have made it round an 8.6mile route – part of which I hadn’t run before.  The second half was definitely better than the first, but I was worn out by the time I made it to the top of the hill which takes me home.  The last hundred yards were very welcome as they were downhill.

After lunch we headed over to East Linton and went for a walk, ending up at Smeaton pond again and the lovely café again. There was rain in the air when we left the café, and resumed our walk, doing a circuit to take us back to the car.

TT was cooking,  but he sent me out for a couple of things he had forgotten to get.  I decided to walk to the co-op, and ended up getting a little wet, as the rain had come on properly.  BB did his first cello practice in a while!

We had another quiet evening.

This witch hazel was blooming in the gardens of the nursery at Smeaton. The extra is a show jumper without his horse.

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