Life's Little Moments

By dbifulco


Sadly, the Canada Geese didn't get their act together in time for this year's Alternative Olympic Games.  If they'd just been a little bit more disciplined, they would surely have taken the Gold in Whiffling.  Just look at the form and precision, feet slightly lowered while the body rocks ever so slightly from side to side in a rapid descent.  Things are a little less organized when they actually land...

The weather was sunny and in the 50's so I took a drive up to Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge and did some hiking and photographing.  Among the many ducks hanging out in the refuge, I managed to spot one vagrant Eurasion Wigeon.  I got one extremely poor shot of it, but sufficient to submit with my rare-bird report as proof.  Although they are "common and widespread" in the Old World, they are rare in N. America.  That said, in most winters, at least one or two are spotted in our area.  Always cause for a flurry of activity amongst birders.

Also seen today... a Goggling Swan Gander and a stretchy blackbird.

The daffodil and miniature iris bulbs are popping up in the garden, finally.  Even some of the bee balm is breaking through the surface of the soil.  Oh, I can't wait for spring...

And for those if you following the Case if the Disappearing trail cam caught not one but TWO rascally raccoons in the patio last night, enjoying their suet al fresco.


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