Early Start

I woke up again a 5am this morning. Ugghhh!!!
It's so weird - I'm wide awake in an instant and there's no chance of getting back to sleep.
Not much happened today apart from a massive Tesco shop by me and a trip to the park for the Little Misses and Mr K to meet up with Miss A and Miss J. It was freezing apparently but they're hardy souls and stayed out until they turned blue. Mr K was thrilled!!
There was the usual argument about homework which is getting very tedious now. It's like flicking the crazy switch!!
So the Bongo.......
First of all it's not a Bongo! We wanted four wheel drive which is harder to find in Bongos so we went with a Toyota Regius (See extras). Not quite as cute but bigger and slightly easier maintenance abroad being a Toyota rather than a Mazda. 
For all those overland Africa adventures we're planning!!!
We went to see the Bongo Man on November 11th and paid our deposit. One of the reasons we chose our specific van was the fact that it had already been stripped out in readiness for conversion and would be ready by Christmas.
There followed a week of back and forth emails about the details of the conversion. What colour cupboards we want, what flooring, which colour trim on the units, what colour upholstery, which bed, adding backrests to the seats the Little Misses will travel in, what kind of water tank........
My alarm bells were ringing slightly when he was saying things like "list three wood colours in order of preference because we can't always get stock"
And the same for the floor and the upholstery.
So who knows what we're getting!!!!!!!
I've gone for light oak veneer for the furniture. Hopefully not too reddish as it looks cheap and naff.
And pale oak parquet for the floor. Obviously lino, not actual parquet!!!
And I honestly can't remember about the upholstery! I got in a bit of a tizz choosing and then thought it doesn't really matter as we're not going to get we ask for anyway!! I think my top choice was a vaguely olive green (nearly four months later I can't quite think why!!!!!), then a couple of neutrally beige ones.
My mum was horrified about the lack of specifics and the apparent impossibility of being able to get exactly what we want in a bespoke conversion. My philosophy was that it is what it is - it's a small camper van conversion and there's only so much choice anyway and there's nothing that can't be sorted with fairy lights, throws and bunting!!
It's the adventures we have in it that matter!
Watch me change my tune when we get naff red cupboards, a black floor and purple upholstery!!!!!
So anyway, the weeks went by to Christmas and we were expecting a call about completion any day.......
When we chased we had a weird message about a dodgy batch of wood and did we want beech instead.
Er, no.
Well it's a bit tricky for Christmas then, let's say New Year.
Annoying but as we didn't really have plans - or time - to use it before Christmas no big deal.
We are the biggest pushovers easiest customers in the world!!!
On January 16th Mr K emailed for an update. Two days later after no reply he chased again.
The reply said that he - the Bongo Man - had replied.
Well clearly you f****g moron we didn't get the reply otherwise we wouldn't be chasing so rather than just saying you've replied how about forwarding the actual reply. Which is what I always used to do at work to prove I'd sent the bloody thing in the first place!!
The full reply was: hopefully ready end next week or week after. Our problem at the moment is the fitters Mum, there both brothers in and out of hospital as she's not in a good way (sic)
That may or may not have been true but at least the end was in sight!
So that was January 19th. The end of next week and the week after came and went.
Mr K chased on January 30th. Reply: Just awaiting more wood to finish off - Update soon.
More wood???? WTF???? The furniture is all pre-built pods which get fitted in. And there's not a busting amount of wood involved!!!!!!!!!!
And whatever happened to "end of next week or the week after"?
On February 18th - having had no update - I said enough was enough and we had to call and ask what was going on and where is our van.
Mr K called and left a message.
No contact and no answering calls. By now I was more worried about getting our £6k back than actually getting the van!!
On Monday this week - February 19th - Mr K spoke to him and with no apology or explanation he just said he'd update us in the middle of the week. OMG!
I get cross with Mr K for being so nice and polite all the time even when we're clearly being shafted but he probably has a point that it's better than me getting cross and shouty!!
On Wednesday Mr K got an email saying it's been registered, MOT's sorted and they're going through their final checklist. He'd be in touch soon to arrange a collection day.
We're getting there!!!!

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