By ArcLight

Wading through

When we came to Porvoo in September, we reckoned it would be nice to come back at a different time of year. We finally made the trip today, with norfolkdoc and W. We visited many of the same haunts that we found on that previous weekend, including the abandoned railway station, which also features on this blip. It was really interesting to see the place at a different time of year, and great to share the experience with nd and W. We even managed to visit the place for lunch where we were going to go on my birthday, were it not for the fact that our visit last time was cut slightly short because Mr A suffered some indisposition. One thing that surprised us a little was just how much snow there was there. It was nice to see, as it's now just slushy, granular and horrible here in Helsinki. I cannot now wait for it just to go.

And of course we saw lots of things that weren't on view in September, like icicle trees, ice fishermen, and snow mobiles on the river. The craft shops were just as good as ever. I bought a hat, A got new mittens, and nd picked up some bits and pieces that will doubtless feature on blip in due course.

I've not added any extras, but I have stuck the snow photos into my previous flickr album for Porvoo, at the end.

Back here we're chilling over a bottle of wine and some snacks.

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