Life in Sunny Dubai

By GadgetKid

Trying to fit it all in

Blipped on 25th March!

Today has to be the first "normal" day since everyone arrived. It was certainly the first day since Friday with no cake and what a relief that is! G went to work and Sandy & I ran a couple of errands. One thing we did is pop into a music shop near where I live to look for a Cajon drum. Her birthday present to me - not that I need one with her surprising me!

We met up with Eileen & Verna at Caesar's - chosen especially to introduce (re-introduce) some people to sizzlers! Thankfully, it went down well. The plan for the afternoon was probably a bit too grand, trying to fit in three touristy things. We managed two!

We popped into Wafi for a game of air-hockey and to see Khan Murjan, and then sped off to Global Village. It should have been a two-hour visit, as Garden Glow was on the schedule, but we ended up staying still nearly 11! So much to see, and as it is the weekend, there was extra entertainment and fireworks.

We got home and found the movie Mad Money on Netflix. Great entertainment that was more fun with a couple of bottles of Prosecco. Think I put Eileen & Verna in an Uber taxi around 2am. Holidays! :D

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