An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Portrait of a Landscape...

A busy early afternoon melted into a calmer late afternoon.

We held the second interviews for the two candidates in the running to become part of Alan's support team.  Both great candidates who would bring different but equally good qualities to the job, so a difficult decision.  But a decision had to be made and it was.  Rosie will make the job offer to the successful candidate and we will hopefully hear tomorrow that it's been accepted.  

So, given our difficult task, we thought we would take advantage of the lovely day and treat ourselves to a picnic lunch at the side of Loch Earn.  We actually ate our sandwiches in the car, mistakenly thinking it would be a too fresh by the water but when I opened the car door to get out afterwards, it was lovely and mild.  I should have known it wouldn't be cold by how calm the water was.

There was the usual compliment of ducks sitting on the grass verge beside the road and when I opened the car door they all got up and waddled towards me, obviously expecting me to have some food for them. Sadly all we had with us was a very excitable Lola (celebrating being 9 months old today! :-) who, upon seeing the ducks as she got out of the car, barked really loudly and tried to get at them (don't worry, she was on the lead.  No ducks were harmed) causing them to scarper over the grass verge and launch themselves onto the loch, quacking loudly in warning to any duck not yet aware of Lola's presence!  What a noise! 

David went off for a wander with Lola and I stayed at my vantage point taking photos.  Unusually the place was deserted and I was kicking myself for not being more organised and taking the tripod and camera bag with me as all I had was the kit lens and I am not very fond of it.

But it was lovely to be out in the mild spring air enjoying the glorious view up Loch Earn.  Just sad that the Mirror Man is no longer there.  The rumour is he will return to the loch, but not at the same spot. 

And now the evening has run away with me again and I've not had time to look at your journals.  I will try extra hard tomorrow.

P.S. It's a record as once again, for the second time in a week, I had two blips to choose from.   I prefer the extra as the blurry duck makes me laugh because it reminds me of the angry ducks as they fled from Lola's barking, but David preferred the other shot, so I blipped it because as you all know, I always do what my husband tells me.


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