Just back from an epic day out! Himself decided to declinker the studio so I headed deep into Cheeryoscouro  and HasItsCloud country - the back hills of Clonakilty, nine wells on the agenda. I've come to the point where all remaining wells will be difficult (if you remember I'm trying to visit and record all the holy wells in County Cork - all 356 of them, about 250 down) and these I had few hopes for. Of course adventures were had and three and a half were found and three and a half had vanished, and two I was too wrecked to get to. One was discovered down a tiny celandine and primsrose strewn path - SpotsOfTime mentioned how you get a feeling when you're in the vicinity of a holy well - so right. The first had all the perfect signs and lo and behold there was a large slab of corrugated metal, chunky rocks on top but gasp under their weight throw them off and underneath a well with the coldest freshest water imaginable. The next well was down an incredibly minute and scenic road. I had only been gone a mile when an empty tractor barred my way. I couldnt face reversing back all that way, reversing not being my forte, but fortunately suddenly a stampede of cattle went past, followed about five minutes later by the farmer. We had a chat. I explained what I was doing. He smiled generously and was silenced. An encounter with B and C who told me I'd never find the next well but C could remember playing near it as a child and he said the BVM herself had been for her kneeprints were visible. I eventually found the well - tiny and dry, but no saintly kneeprints.  Another forgotten well on a hillside; two undiscovered ones in a magical setting which involved a fairly lively wade across a ford and some serious mud and a bit of a breakdown trying to find my way back to Bandon! (mental not car) - a tiny crossroad with six possible tiny roads and none seemed the right one, and mud was flying.

And some beautiful names too - how about: Tobairin na Buile Bhuide - little well of the sunny milking field. The field was indeed sunny but the well was lost in impenetrable undergrowth. Or Tobar Carriage Aoibhinn, beautiful well of the rock - a bit of poetic license there I reckon.

I saw hares,  heard wrens and stopped a derelict farm that had a cracked plaque proclaiming it the home of the first couple to boycott an unjust landlord - Dan and Millie Walsh since you asked!

But I couldn't resist this window - do biggify for the full glory. What an extraordinary collection of stuff.  And each window held treasures.

A few extras of the exant wells, and Dan and Millie's farmhouse plus plaque.

Right another glass of wine I reckon and we're ploughing through A Line of Duty so will catch up tomorrow!

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