A view from Jeanneb

By Jeanneb53


Back to a very mixed day again today. I left some late washing yesterday to go out this morning but there have been too many showers.

When I got home from a Bristol last week I sorted out my Easter bouquet as most of the flowers were dead, but there were some very attractive twigs left with buds so I decided to keep them and add some fresh tulips. They look very nice in the hearth.

Whilst looking at blips and drinking a morning cuppa I noted that some of those buds had opened showing some pretty little white blossoms. I decided these little flowers would be good for tiny Tuesday.

I have no idea what blossom it is. Any ideas?

It was good that Mambo answered my quiestions on yesterday's mural, I know you blippers out there are full of knowledge.

Posting early as I have an eye appt at Airedale hospital this afternoon.

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