I see this every day

The Tiny Tuesday challenge today is .......  I see this every day .  So here is my Fitbit.  Not only do I see it every day I am for ever tapping it to find out what time it is, how many steps I have done, my heart rate, how many calories I have burned, how many mins of activity I have done - and how much battery life there is left.  I love my Fitbit.  The strap is new- it arrived yesterday.  I like buying new Fitbit straps and have quite a few - I prefer leather ones which fasten like a watch strap. 

Thanks to intothehills for hosting the Tiny Tuesday challenge.

Neil was supposed to come round today but he had to " cry off ".  I got a message this morning saying that he is feeling weary after a long shift at work yesterday which followed a " Grand National party " on Sunday night  (which sounds like it took some recovering from ).  He intends coming here tomorrow instead.

So as Neil wasn't coming I thought I might as well  go out  somewhere on the Metro.  Then I  remembered I had to go to the Health Centre for a blood test so I just pottered around at home until it was time to walk down to the village.

I had some blood tests on 6th April and a few days later I got a call from the Health Centre that the doctor wanted a repeat blood test as some of the results were not good.  So I had more blood taken this afternoon.  I asked the Nurse what the blood tests were for.  She said one was to check kidney function.  And as the last test showed my calcium levels and magnesium levels were high  the doctor wanted to see if they were still high. I have resisted " Googling " as when you do you can talk yourself into thinking you are at " deaths door".  I will hang fire and see what the results are in a couple of days.

The weather wasn't too good while I was out.  It was windy and rainy.   Still waiting for the promised heatwave. 

Steps  today - 8,090

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