The results are in

After seeing the results of Anniemay's  DNA test I decided to send away for a kit myself.  Sent the sample off on 23rd March and waited - and I heard today that I could go online to find out the results. No real surprises.  I seem to be mainly Scottish.  I'm fine with that. 

Spent the day at home today ticking a few jobs off the to do list.  I filled two charity bags which will be collected tomorrow. It was good to actually get rid of stuff instead of buying it.  ( Some handbags were actually included in the clear out ) Sorted through some old paperwork from 2001.  Nothing worth keeping there. 

Weather today was very sunny but not really warm.  The cats enjoyed being outdoors though.

Forgot to mention yesterday that in the morning Becky and Mike volunteered as marshalls for their local Parkrun in Hove.  First time they have done it - seems as though they had fun.  And in the afternoon they ran in a 7km  Fun Run organised by a local brewery - the Dark Star Brew Co.  Mike came in 4th overall and Becky was 10th --- but she was the First Lady home.  She was so pleased.  There was a free BBQ at the finish, free pint of beer -  in a glass they were allowed to take home and live music.

Today Becky and Mike were running again.  They did the "LetsRunForMatt " challenge.   Matt Campbell one of the runners in last Sundays London Marathon  unfortunately died after completing 22.5 miles .  So lots of people have been running the last 3.7 miles on his behalf - and raising money for his charity.  Brilliant idea.

Steps today - 6,195

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