A time for everything

By turnx3

Finally retired!

So today was Roger’s last day of work, after 39 years with the company! However, not all of that was over here, 13 1/2 years were spent in France, from 1986-96, and then again from April 2013 - January 2017. It seems really odd to have your last day and retirement “do” on a Monday, but the last day has to be the last day of the month, per company regulations, and because he knew several people who were retiring today, and I guess some of them were having their “do” on Friday, he opted to have his today. It was held at a bar/restaurant not far from his work - in a private room. There were various “nibbles”, drinks and of course a cake and balloons. He’d had apologies from several people for various reasons, but it was still a good turn-out, and a lot of good things were said about him, as well as various commiserations for me, having him home all the time!! I know it will take a while to adjust, but we will take it a day at a time, and in the short term just enjoy being able to make the most of nice weather during the week, which it is supposed to be tomorrow, so we shall be going out somewhere for the day! The cake was taken at the restaurant, but I wasn’t happy with the shot I took of Roger there, so I took some more in our breakfast room when we got home!
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