Tokyo - Ginza

After spending some time with Andrew and Peter in the multi-floor electronics store at Yokohama station, one floor was dedicated to photography, I drooled, we went to the food hall and had lunch at a 'fry-it-yourself-food-on-a-stick' cafe. Not something I'd tried before but was quite good fun, creating your own tempura in a deep fat fryer in the table. They even had a green tea fountain for dipping your marshmallow on a stick for pudding.

We then went to the Ginza area of Tokyo to the toy shop which has a hobbies and games floor looking for a specific hard to find model from an American TV show that Peter said he'd look out for his friend, it only being available in the Asian market. We didn't find it so went for a walk along the department shop area of Tokyo which is Ginza, basically a high street lined with multi story high-line and designer shops.

Luckily not too far along was the Excelsior Cafe where I was able to get an excellent pot of Earl Grey tea.

Home then where Noriko cooked us a delicious meal of yellow tail fish, scorched rice, leek miso soup and vegetables and we watched the film Thor: Ragnarok

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