Made a slow start to the day and didn't do much at all. Around 2pm I got the bus to Newcastle.  Did a bit of shopping then made my way to Grey's Monument to meet Neil. He has a week off this week so he suggested meeting up. Greys Monument is a popular meeting point and there seemed to be quite a few others waiting.  There were also a lot of people just sitting on the steps enjoying the sunshine and listening to a lady busker who was singing opera.  She was very good.  Neil was running late - as usual - so I was able to listen to her sing four songs.

When Neil arrived we went to Giraffe- a restaurant in the Greys Quarter of Eldon Square shopping centre.  Its upstairs and we sat by the window where we had a nice view of Old Eldon Square which is always busy with people sitting chatting or passing through.

Neil had burger and chips - see my Extra shot  - and I had chicken, prawn, avocado and mango salad.  Whilst it was Ok there was far too much dressing.  The bowl was swimming in it and instead of the lettuce being crisp it was soggy.  I wish they had served the dressing separately so I could have just drizzled on the amount I wanted.  Lots of places do this.  There was the option to fill in a questionnaire online so I did mention the " dressing problem".

The weather had been warm and sunny but while we were eating we could see from the window that it had started raining.  Neither of us had a coat - and I hadn't even bothered to bring a brolly - I was so sure the fine weather would last.  So instead of mooching round town we both headed for the bus station. Neil had walked to get to town but decided to get the bus home to save getting drenched.

For Tiny Tuesday I have blipped some of my vintage Murano glass sweets.  Thanks to Riwaka7 for hosting.

Steps today - 7,428

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