By ciorstain

BIPP Awards !!!

Neil was up before me! No wonder, he went to bed at 6 pm yesterday!
We managed to get out to Blochairn Car Boot Sale around 12, which is early for au. It was busy today! Good to see. Surely the nice weather helped.
We got Neils ration of eggs at John the egg man (blipping him as well) had a chat with John or Ian, the green grocer and browsed the stalls.
I bought an old Weston III light metre for 5 pounds. It's from the 1950ies and in great condition. I look forward to playing with it.
I also played with my new camera doing sneaky shooting. I am still not familiar with it and the manual was rubbish! Means I need to find everything online, which is a bit annoying. However, it is very fast, especially the auto focus!
We stopped quickly at Costco to buy some water and biscuits to take to Bratislava. I never show up at meetings there without Scottish short bread!
Back home we sat for a minute then went out again. I wanted some breakfast before we were going to the BIPP Awards in the cinema at Ashton Lane. We went to Urban West were I got a nice omelette then we walked to the Grosvenor. Not many people were there I knew, but thats normal. It's mostly student who come to the Awards.
They had a new approach, with having created a film for the awards. It did not work so well! The remote to start and stop it was temperamental and the film did not stop when it was meant to.
I guess next year they we go back to powerpoint :)

I was indeed lucky this year! 
I won the Pictorial & Illustrative Professional category with this image! Very chuffed! 
And I also got a Merit Award in the professional Non Commissioned Category with this
One of my favourite images I shot last year. Manly because it was very spontaneous and I was just fast enough to capture this moment when I walked past.
So I had to go to the front twice, was congratulated and complimented by the 2 judges and got my picture taken in between them
So a very successful afternoon for me :)
After the award ceremony we mingled a bit and then I joined the AGM of BIPP Scotland, which was rather lengthy while Neil was waiting for me!
We did not join the set dinner, as the food choice was not compelling and we walked home instead. 

At home I prepared some entries for another international competition.
Now I should pack ... but I may do that tomorrow morning.

I am blipping our "Egg man" John. It was a hip shot. It's quite cool to shoot without pointing a big lens in someones face! Although I need more practice with the little sony. The image qualty is quite impressive, but I am still getting used to the different quality of the raw files. They need different editing to my usual Canon raws.

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