An ordinary life....

By Damnonii

Happy New Haircut!


Alan was up and at 'em early this morning and keen to show off his new haircut.  Less keen to look down the lens of my camera whilst smiling, and ignoring all my attempts at bribery, I had to settle for capturing his smile whilst he wasn't looking at the camera.  What a lad!  Not long after this Jordan and him headed off to Edinburgh for the day.   We got a call later in the day from a very annoyed Jordan to tell us someone had reversed into he back of Alan's car while it was parked and damaged the bumper.   The git didn't leave any details, just drove away.  It's really annoying as the car is  converted to take Alan's wheelchair in the back so it's a modified bumper that has to be specially made, so not a straightforward swap.  

I spent most of the afternoon in the kitchen getting the food prep done for tonight's meal with friends Aileen, Jim, Ian & Cathy.  All that was left do do was put the chicken in the oven and the jersey royals on to boil.

They arrived just after seven and I am pleased to say, Lola was on her best behaviour.  She sat beautifully to be petted (thankfully they are all dog lovers) and only forgot her manners a couple of times when she got over excited and jumped up.  She settled much more quickly than she did the last time they were all here (the week after we got her!) and enjoyed being made a fuss of.

We had a lovely evening catching up and my earlier prep meant dinner was effortless and everyone enjoyed it (well they said they did :-))

Lola entertained us later in the evening by dragging her blanket from her bed and humping it in full view.  Such a classy gal!  

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